We are sending musicians heart and soul.
Mail Oder Specialist FINEDAY music

About Us

We are a mail order shop specialized in vinyl records. We are located in Tokyo Japan.
We have worked to provide many nice condition vinyl records with the best sound quality to Japanese collectors more than 30 years.

We select only the best condition records from those records which we are asked to buy from the public.

We put weight on record condition itself when we buy. Therefor, we do not buy worse condition records.
And also we check vinyl and sleeve conditions carefully again when we make the data.
We provide many photos on our website so that customers understand sleeve condition easily.

Excellent sales system

We always check our sales system and try to save waste every day.
We are always thinking about efficient work from buying records to shipping records.
Every day we care about how to make data, photos, inventory control and final check before shipping efficiently.
We try to cut our costs every day and always try to provide cheap price and safe delivery to all customers.


We have perfect confidence for aftercare. We support sincerity if customers feel different condition from records description which we provide on the website or customers get shipping damages .
Please do not hesitate to inform us when you feel not satisfied.

Our policy

We put only the best condition items on our website.
Therefore, those items can bring to customers the nice sounds which artists put their full idea and heart itself on.
We had had a high street shop in central Tokyo more than 30 years and worked mail order service in the same period.
However, we realized that a physical shop limits to show items for customers due to its shop space. In order to deal many kinds of music with respect on artists we decided to choose mail-order service only. This is because that mail order service does not limit items space and music kinds and so on.
Our main office locates in Fuchu-city in Tokyo where we check items condition and make items data. Also, we have a huge warehouse and shipping center in Akiruno-city, suburbs of Tokyo.
Please enjoy shopping with an easy mind. Thank you very much Director N. Takaya